I’m Marcela Selinger a.k.a Marcy, welcome!


I grew up in the Black Forest – in the south west of Germany in a very idyllic village, far away from anything compared to the life that I live now. When I was a child, I could never imagine ever living in a city. Eventually I found myself in Vienna, after a lot of journeys across half the planet.


I remember this feeling of peace very well, while I was sitting at my window with an old guitar on my knees – just being happy. Singing songs I didn’t even know, feeling myself. No need to be someone special. That was the first contact with singing – an expression totally natural to me. It is my treasure, it is the baseline. So I dove into this world of music, and I see that everything around me IS music – waves, just changing forms and colors.


My curiosity kept growing- and it never stopped until now. From Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Joan Baez, Amy Winehouse – my influences range across many styles – and somewhere in between all these different blue jeans moods, I still find myself sitting at the window again, holding my guitar, just singing and being myself – getting in touch with you. That makes me happy.


Generally I am self taught – but to deepen certain technical skills and to learn how to handle my voice I have been taking hours in Jazzbasics by Martina Neuhauser and Rita Gaebelein.

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