I’m Marcela Selinger a.k.a Marcy, welcome!


I grew up in the Black Forest – in the south west of Germany in a very idyllic village, far away from anything compared to the life that I live now. When I was a child, I could never imagine ever living in a city. Eventually I found myself in Vienna, after a lot of journeys across half the planet.


I remember this feeling of peace very well, while I was sitting at my window with an old guitar on my knees – just being happy. Singing songs I didn’t even know, feeling myself. No need to be someone special. That was the first contact with singing – an expression totally natural to me. It is my treasure, it is the baseline. So I dove into this world of music, and I see that everything around me IS music – waves, just changing forms and colors.


My curiosity kept growing- and it never stopped until now. From Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Joan Baez, Amy Winehouse – my influences range across many styles – and somewhere in between all these different blue jeans moods, I still find myself sitting at the window again, holding my guitar, just singing and being myself – getting in touch with you. That makes me happy.


Generally I am self taught – but to deepen certain technical skills and to learn how to handle my voice I have been taking hours in Jazzbasics by Martina Neuhauser and Rita Gaebelein.

  2 comments for “Me

  1. Dorr michaela
    2. November 2016 at 9:08

    Wir haben am 16. Dezember in unserer Ordination im 2. Bezirk eine kleine Weihnachtsfeier!
    Habe Deine Adresse von einem lieben Freund, der Dich uns sehr empfohlen hat.
    Würde gerne eine musikalische Untermalung während unserer Feier veranstalten und würde dringend anfragen, ob Du Zeit hättest und natürlich etwaige Kosten,
    Bitte melde Dich, wir würden uns sehr freuen, da Du durch Empfehlung kommst

    Lg Michaela Dorr

    • marcy
      2. November 2016 at 19:17

      Liebe Michaela,
      meine Telefonnummer ist 06764703676 – gerne!

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